Rovers submit early guilty pleas for 3 charges

Maskill charged for Grade C headbut

Maskill charged for Grade C headbut

Sharlston Rovers have submitted early guilty pleas for charges against 3 of its players involved in the 80th minute fracas at Doncaster last weekend.

Referee Chris Leatherbarrow put the incident at the final whistle on report and dismissed Sharlston’s Sean Emblem and Doncaster’s Dean OLoughlin for fighting.

The RFL Match Review Panel charged Rovers’ Sean Emblem Grade B Punching; Danny Glassell Grade C Punching and Lee Maskill Grade C Headbutt. All 3 players were eligible to enter early guilty pleas for the charges and Maskill and Glassell will start 2 match suspensions and Emblem 1 match beginning Tuesday 3rd April.

The hosts Doncaster also had 2 players highlighted on review with Dean O’loughlin and Nathan Powley charged with Grade C and Grade B respectively for punching.