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Sharlston Rovers


Wigan St Cuthberts

Tries : Tom Wandless x2, Sean Emblem, Tommy Malyan, None
Goals : Ian Jackson 2
  • Challenge Cup Round 2
  • Saturday 10th March 2012
  • Ref : Paul Marklove

Rovers out of jail and into 1st round proper

Crowther busts forward

Crowther busts forward


Carnegie Challenge Cup Round 2

Wigan St Cuthberts wanted to serve revenge for last weeks 52-4 victory in the national cup and came to Sharlston with a changed lineup with 6 new additions.

Prop Matty Lowe put St Cuthberts on the forward foot whenever he had the ball proving a real hand full to bring down. After taking a lead on the game with a quick brace for scrumhalf Tom Wandless an interception try just before the interval for Sheridan to go length of the field put the visitors in front.

Cuthberts continued the brighter in the second half but Rovers squared the game with 8 mins to go with a superb bust from Sean Emblem seeing off several players from half way. Wigan got the drop goal that looked to put them through.

The visitors waved away a chance at goal into the wind with minutes left but Rovers last ditch play resulted in a penalty just into the opponents half for taking out the kicker. Ian Jackson assisted by the wind kicked Rovers into the next round but were given a real scare. The draw will take place Tuesday evening at Whitehaven.

3 TRY #7 Tom Wandless GOAL #1 Ian Jackson 6-0
16 TRY #7 Tom Wandless 10-0
24 TRY #7 Lewis Sheridan GOAL #7 Lewis Sheridan 10-6
40 TRY #6 Anthony Houghton GOAL #7 Lewis Sheridan 10-12
HT ------ HT ------
55 TRY #1 Danny Clayton GOAL #7 Lewis Sheridan 10-18
61 TRY #10 Sean Emblem 14-18
72 TRY #5 Tommy Malyan 18-18
77 DROP GOAL #6 Anthony Houghton 18-19
79 PEN GOAL #1 Ian Jackson 20-19

Sharlston Rovers
1 Ian Jackson
2 Geoff Hick
3 Danny Glassell
4 Greg Wilby
5 Tommy Malyan
6 Matty Johnson
7 Tom Wandless
8 Sean Emblem
9 Scott Glassell
10 Craige Miles
11 Carl Saville
12 Brian Sutton
13 Jonathan Waddle
14 Adam Saynor
15 Tommy Crowther
16 Lee Holmes
17 Chris Bingham

Wigan St Cuthberts
1 Danny Clayton
2 Matty Charnock
3 Earl Hurst
4 Adam Hunt
5 Caine Thompson
6 Anthony Houghton
7 Lewis Sheridan
8 Matty Lowe
9 Brett Taberner
10 Phil De Burgh
11 Andy White
12 Kurtis Shaw
13 David Walls
14 Steven Webster
15 Dean Jones
16 Gareth Blake
17 Jacob Clarke

Man of the Match (Home):
Sharlston - #15 Tommy Crowther
Wigan - #8 Matty Lowe

Sin Bin
Wigan #13 David Walls 25 min Persistent Fouls
Sharlston #9 Scott Glassel 36 min striking