Sasha's Diary - Week 14

Sasha kicks Rovers to Blackpool

Sasha kicks Rovers to Blackpool

Hello so, Saturday April 9th and the day of our semi final game in the BARLA national cup against last winners Queens.

We gathered at the game and two hours before the match, not knowing if we will be playing today or watch the game as fans. The coach had very difficult job to select players for the game - as all showed themselves well in previous matches, it turned out that Andrew did not hit the bid on the game, but I was trusted with place on the bench.

The selection of the game came out the same as in the victory a quarter final match with Driglinton - coach decided not to change the composition of the winning team! A large number of fans gathered at the match, about 900 people where an entrance fee of 2 was paid.

The game began with the advantages to Queens, and is already in the first minute they have brought an attempt to kick from the scrum. None of us expected this strike, because it was a fight on our part, and the first attack player Queens kicked myself on the course, and put a try.

Queens owned initiative of the first 15-20 minutes, which eventually resulted in yet another try again from a the kick, only this time on the fifth tackle. Queens player hung very high on the edge of the wind, about five meters before the line, and our deadline player was unable to cope with a bang, and the player of Queens, snatching up the ball flew over the line 0-10.

I came off the bench after 20 minutes at a place of extreme and played until the end of the game and I understood why Andrew does not like this position.

Firstly, the ball rarely comes to the edge, and secondly, to encompass virtually do not participate, as always in the delay of waiting for kick. All the attacks made only from the markers, bringing the ball from his half. And I realized one thing - that the extreme position is very responsible.

The 30th minute, we leveled the game and have brought a try. Our quarter-Garef again flashed skill, crossing the line with three players in tackle, he, nevertheless, has landed the ball over the opponent. The score was now 4-10.

And here we are again trying to skip after high kicks- our fulbek not cope with the ball and the ball bounced back well to the player Queens, and he easily put the ball into the goal. The score was now 4-14.

In the final minute of the first half we were able to re-Record attempt. To our left fielder reached the ball after a good attack, and he put the ball almost to the very select, but the implementation has failed again.

At the break we left with a good chance of ultimate success 8-14.

The second half turned a battle on our side, all fought and surrendered the game. As if this was the main game in life. Maybe the way it is, because to win this tournament - the dream of any amateur club in England.

And the minute on the 10th of the second half our players can not fight to put an attempt on the center gate, after an excellent pass of 7 meters from the line of our hooker, who puts a great pass between two players of Queens. And the score was equal to 14-14.

We caught a good courage, and about 10 minutes did not let their opponents half, they had no choice but to repeatedly break the rules because they do not have time to retreat to 10 meters. So we decided to hit a free kick in 8 meters in the center of the gate, and after successful implementation came first ahead 16-14. Minutes left to play 18!

About two minutes later Queens already scored a penalty, thus equalized - 16-16. And once again captured the Queen's advantage. We kept the pressure on the line but failed, giving the Record attempt at the edge of the field, where three players in Queens, went against the two of us. I had to give up its extreme and go to the quarter-capture. But as I stood almost on the line, a player of Queens, it was easy to fall in the student's record-book. Fortunately Queens did not score the goal - the score was 16-20.

And we still had time to Record attempt. But soon, closer to our line player, Queens, decided to hit a drop goal, making the score 16-21! And stayed to play 7 minutes.

And here we are very lucky - after the initial strike, the ball hits the player of Queens, who was standing at 10 meters, and flew toward us. And on the fourth attack, our quarter-Garefu can put an incredible effort to select the best try, again in the fight against the three players in Queens, who could not hold him out.

And then the stadium stood, since the score was 20-21, and faced a crucial realization that told me to beat. And I managed to kick the goal from the touchline and the score was 22-21.

And stayed to play for 5 minutes. After the initial shock we had five attacks without a pass and made a long translation of the ball at the opponent's half of the field, which clearly and intelligently to the limit forces defended themselves. And after kicking on our half of the field, we took another 5 attacks, and sounded the final whistle!

Victory! That was something!

What's happening on the field and beyond - all jumping around, hugging, signing taking photos. All the fans who were at the stadium, have formed a living corridor in front of the locker room. And it does not describe in words - when we went, they all clapped and shouted "Well done! You - the best! ". Some of our players, even to tears.

And our coach Gordi said it was his best day in his life. Although man has played 8 years professionally! The players stayed in the clubhouse all evening and we celebrated Andreys happy birthday.

All our matches on the way to the finals:
East Leeds 12 Sharlston 30, Sharlston 26 Egremont 10, Hull Dokers 22 Sharlston 25, Driglinton 4 Sharlston 35, Sharlston 22 Queens 21

And now our team is waiting for the historic final in Blackpool on May 28 against a team Fryston.

The next day Sunda April 10 we visited the next game Super League Wakefield vs Harlikvins as guests of sponsor UNISON in VIP area where we ate dinner and watched the game from high in the stands. The game got open, very entertaining and interesting, because there was hail attempts. And ended with a confident victory for Wakefield with a score of 52-32!

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