Sasha's Diary - Week 13

Me with good player Sav.

Me with good player Sav.

On the last Friday of April 1 we have visited on the tour match between the teams Super League Leeds - Wigan. It was just a fantastic game. Leeds missed the first attempt, but then quickly took the initiative in their hands and the entire second half dominated the field, tries 2 attempts with the goal and the two will not count after watching the video referee.
The teams went to the break with a score of 4.12 in favor of Leeds. The second half also started with the advantage of Leeds, and Leeds after 10 minutes he brought to the realization effort. Leeds continued to attack, and another ten minutes scored 2 penalties in the center of the gate, bringing the expense thereby to 4.22, and almost decided the match in his favor. But Wigan were not agree with that, and for twelve minutes before the end of the match to do the impossible - he brought three attempts, and in the last seconds equalized after the execution of the penalty Sam Tomkins. Final score 22-22!

On Saturday, April 2nd, we played our game the next on English soil. We had to match the championship Pennine League 10 round against a team from St. Joesphs. Team St. Joes from Huddersfield - powerful, and incorporates a 3x very fast players. We went to the game in the first team, to our left side - Andrey on the wing and I his centre, we played the entire game.

The team entered the game with a good attitude, because it was the last rehearsal before the historic BARLA Cup semi-final to be held this Saturday (the team for the first time in its 35 year history of the Cup advanced to the semifinals).

We took advantage of the first minutes by doing the main task - to control the ball, and a defense across the field, and in the zone markers. That we clearly and performed, bringing the game to not say that it is easy, but confident of victory with a score of 64-6.

I managed to put a try, and as the main striker was injured, I was entrusted to add the goals which I kicked 13.

And on Sunday we went on one more match Super League - Huddersfield vs Wakefield. Playing in the first half took place approximately equal, the score speaks for itself - 6-4 in favor of Huddersfield.

Well, in the second half affected class of Huddersfield, and they almost blew one wicket rival - the final score 34-10!

Yesterday, April 5, the preparations for the semi-finals, the team all got together because each wants to take part in the historic match. Much attention was paid to protect and control the ball in the capture, that opponent is not overthrown balls after exposure.

And the rapid transition to fatigue from defense to attack. Tomorrow, April 7 - the last training session before the match, which will be declared part of the game. Applicants for the position of 20 people, but to choose the coach must be 17! Many thanks to Julie for giving us the tickets to the games.

Many thanks also to our administrator Jamie for the fact that he drives us to all these matches, and not only on the matches!

Teach English and play rugby League!