Sasha's diary - Week 12

The 50 EFRL deleates at the stoop

The 50 EFRL deleates at the stoop

Last week we visited a coaching course in London on campus BRUNEL University, which I think some sort of Institute of Physical Education. University includes range of sporting facilities - indoor athletics track is 100 meters, swimming pool, gym, volleyball and basketball courts, tennis courts, football fields, both artificial and natural turf, cricket pitch, playground for softball stadium for athletics well, and of course the rugby field.

The whole area crowded with buildings for education. Plus acoomodation, cafes, bars and cafeterias. And it's all located in one campus, and most importantly, there is no empty - every day in all these sports facilities are training! Lessons were over 4 days from 9 am to 9 pm, with breaks for lunch and dinner.

During the courses there were 50 people from 19 countries! Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Serbia, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, South Africa, USA, Jamaica, Germany and France!

Thursday 24th March
On our first day we had a psychology of coaching course. We ask such questions - how do you become a trainer what pushed you on this, what type of coach your are "dictator", "sociable" or "nurse".

Classroom training took place about 4 hours. After dinner we all went out on the field, and broke into three groups and practiced the technique of holding the ball, passing the ball, and consolidated it all into a game of touch.

Activities on the field lasted 3 hours, training in the field led England coach Steve McNamara. After dinner, he also led 2 hours per class - judged the defence and attack England at the 4 Nations Cup show where they played poorly, where good and debated the game!

Friday 25th March
On the second day studies also began in the classroom, where we have dismantled the game in attack and defence, how to win in the attack, how to defeat the tackle and why we must do this. And to ask such questions - who will win the game if the team will dominate in the attack, or that which is to be protected.

After two hours of class we went on the field, where everything is worked through in practice. Protection zone markers, a good pass from the play of ball, how to be markers, rapid piling in the area of markers, how to defend in his own half of the field. After lunch we went to class until three o'clock where we talking about doping, what the consequences might be, how much can be disqualified. Told that illegal drugs can be even in sports nutrition. Even if the bank says that it is not doping, it does not mean that it's not there. May not be a bank, and the other to be. And for cannabis, cocaine and steroids, even more strictly prescribed period of disqualification.
In the evening we all watched the superleague match on TV Warrington vs Wigan!

Saturday 26th March
We started on the field this time and split into 3 groups. In our group were Serbs, Czechs, Ukrainians. We held a training session on techniques of capture, capture one, capture two of us, the seizure of three of them, and how to lie on the ground after his capture, and practice in the gaming scene with semi contact. Then the head coaches of the seminar showed a correct placement and tactics at the initial impact, and protection of your try line.

After the class on the field we received a message from the Administrator of our team Jamie that they defeated in the quarterfinals of the BARLA cup Drighlington with a score of 35-4 (recall that last week we lost on all counts Drighlington with a score of 10.26), and have now reached the semi-finals for the first time in history where we will play with another team from our Pennine Premier League - Queens.

This team last year won the BARLA cup and considered the best amateur club in England. The last full-time meeting between Queens and Sharlston ended in victory for the first with a score of 38-0! Later in the evening in the class were engaged in the protection zone markers - Analysis of how the right actions and failure, showed us where the cuts with different games coach Harlequins. He clearly showed and explained the errors.

Sunday 27th March
We started with lessons on the field before lunch, where we were divided into two groups, children's coach separately, adults separately, where we were shown the correct kick, how to keep the ball, how to drop the ball, and how to hit the ball, and then showed a few interesting games and exercises.
After dinner we went as a whole group into the stadium to watch the game Super League Harlequins vs Hukll FC. Quins led for 12 minutes before the end of the game 30-16 and managed to miss the 4 attempts and lost 30-40.

After the game, head coach Harlequins Rob Powell directly at the stadium gave us the analysis of the game. He said that the team lost control of the game when we had to simplify it. But mostly he blamed himself for not being able to rebuild his team, because they did not notice the freshness of the game and the opponent's weariness of their team! Well, in the evening at dinner we presented Certificates of trainers of the second category! Many thanks to the guys from the Ukraine for BACON! And many thanks to Julia who organized this trip and drove us to and from London from our home in Sharlston.

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