Sasha's diary - Week 10

Hello, Last week we trained as usual - two session with the team overall, and the rest individually, swimming pool, gym, golf! On Friday, March 18 we visited the Super League game Huddersfield - Wigan. Spectators had gathered about 10 thousand but looked less than Sundays game Huddersfield v Bradford. Our administrator Jimmy explained to us that matches on television and some fans prefer to watch the match in pubs, as the ticket costs 20 (1000r) and the money they better drink beer!

Most people predicted a defeat for Wigan because of various injuries and disqualification were unable to attend the Tomkins brothers and half-back Paul Deacon. The game was held approximately equal, one then the other swapped advantage in the first half ended with 6-6!

In the second half for 20 minutes the game was equal, the teams exchanged attempts, but 15 minutes before the end of the game Wigan brought three tries and won the game 12/28!

On Saturday March 19 we played our game in the Pennine League Cup against Driglington team. Andrew went on to the wing position and I'm at the end of the first half at position number 6!

The game began with the advantages Driglinton - they played very smoothly, in defense and attack. All our tackled players were practically on his back. And in an attack by the speed they were very quick with the disruption marker and quick draws the ball.

We were unable to make yards yet players Driglintona held on 10-12 meters in every attack, and finally for the first 20 minutes we conceded 3 tries.

For fifteen minutes before the end of the first time we leveled the game, but dangerous and not created anything near the line to rival, and had gone on hiatus, losing with a score of 16-0!

The second half was more - at least equal to the game - twenty minutes in the game proceeded without scoew, teams of five tackles could not reach the in-goal of the enemy, but eventually we managed to score a try after a bad attack the fan and the last pass Andrew Zdobnikova, our quarter-Garef flew in the for the try (goaled Lysokon).

But it took just five minutes, and we missed the attempt after a break in midfield striker Driglintona. Trying to fulbek, who supported his partner in attack.

And five minutes before the end of the meeting, we exchanged attempts, the next player made a skidding center Garef (32 tries fro 19 games)! Outcome of the meeting 10/26 in favor of Driglintona!

This was our first defeat on English soil. But once disappointed the team - this Saturday again standoff Sharlston - Driglinton, but in the BARLA Cup quarter final. True, we can not take part in this match, since leaving for London on the coaching seminar. But at yesterday's workout was obvious that our team is ready to go!

And on Sunday we visited the next game with a team Featherstone Rovers vs Batley Bulldogs.

Featherstone Rovers game was very fast and they just crushed his opponent in a quick game of attack, competent and tough game of defense, and won with a score of 36-6. I note the game number seven in the Featherstone Rovers, who raised his two attempts and scored all six implementations!

Good luck, play Rugby League and teach English!