Sasha's Diary - Week 9

Greetings, so the 12th March our game with Hull Dokers! At the game we went to the full team with all our injuries healied and were ready for battle. The owner of the club John has ordered a big bus and we traveled with over 20 fans.

The journey was coming short and an hour later we arrived in Hull! This is a very beautiful port city!

Andrew went into the first team at the extreme positions, and played the entire match.
I came off the bench immediately after the break and played until the end of the match! The game gives a very entertaining, hard and fast.

Somewhere in the fifth minute of our loose forward striker raised his attempt, then the advantage is fully transferred to Hull Dokers, and 15 minutes they stormed our line, and ultimately, have brought in the 20th minute try, equalized 6-6.

After attempting to play has leveled off, and at the 35th minute we were able to earn a penalty 10 meters in the center of the goaling, and successfully implementing it, we went ahead 8-6.
A minute before the end of the first half, approaching the line, our fulback success great pass, and he flew into the goal.

Implementation is not successful, and we went to the break with a score of 12/06 in our favor! I note from our side is very strict, competent and tough defense!

The second half again started with our advantages, and on 48 minutes after a quick draw of the ball our hooker quickly fell off the marker and raised the attempt, breaking the standing in line at the goal.
After the success of the score was 6.18, and in the next attack after the fifth seizure of our free player melee hit a drop goal and the score was 6.19.

But five minutes later, we still missed the attempt after a nice breakout player Hull Dokers - he threw a pass who fled in support of a partner, who raised his attempt. Score was 10.19. About two minutes later, we removed the lead player, the second line to the end of the game for hitting an opponent's face after the whistle and the play is 15 minutes.

Opponent loses the ball in our half, and we begin our attack, trying to play to keep the ball without a pass, and the fourth attack our player breaks the first line of defense Hull Dokers 25 meters from the line, a play fulbeka and puts great effort, bringing the score to 25.09.

It remains to play 10 minutes. Here and has had the advantage of one player - we just sat down, conceding two tries, one after five minutes before the end of the match, but nothing else is not decisive - in the last second.

And after the initial shock, and the first capture, the referee whistled the end of the match. It was an indescribable joy - all the jumping and hugging each other! Final score 22-25 in our favor!

The return trip was coming very funny, in a bus all sang songs, chatted and had fun. So, we went to the quarterfinals of the prestigious Amateur Cup BARLA, which involved about three hundred amateur teams.

And we've already in the eight strongest amateur teams in England, where we have to play with the team Driglinton that plays in our league Penayn Premier.

It so happened that two Saturdays in a row we are coming games on the road with Driglintonom.
This Saturday, March 19 - in the championship Penayn Prime, and the next, March 26 - in a quarterfinal Cup Barley. The last two games with Driglintonom ended not very good for our team - in October of that year, losing in the championship Penayn 22-6, and in December of that year, lost at home in a game at the Yorkshire Cup with a score of 42-6!

On March 13 at the Sunday we visited the match Super League Huddersfield v Bradford. The game attracted about 15,000 spectators, and has turned into one wicket - players from Bradford have not been able to oppose the players at Huddersfield, and lost a crushing score of 50-16!

Many thanks to Julia for the regular tickets are provided.

As early as this Friday, we again get out on the beautiful stadium in the town of Huddersfield in Huddersfield game - Wigan!

Play Rugby League and learn English!

Until next week, Alexander