Sasha's Diary - Week 8

Hello! Last week, on March 5th we will played their next game on English soil with a team of Queensbury on the road. A month ago we took this team at home and not easily won 32-10! We went to check out the problems in the - on the various injuries could not take part in a game five players from the main structure, including Andrew. All injuries heal for the upcoming game on Saturday March 12 with a team from the National Conference Premier Hull Dokers!

Thus, the game started for us very easily and safely - in the first 12 minutes we have brought three attempts. First, our last attempt to put after the beautiful attack a fan, then Garef after breaking escaped from the center of the field, and he's in a few minutes put a third attempt after the student's record-book combinations around the cross, and flew over the line between two players.

The score was 16-0, I was able to participate in this effort. But then something happened in our game, feeling as if the team thought that won the match and easily bring the game to win, but not here that was.

Queensbury players wound up and started to dominate the field, they began to pass breakthroughs and rapid attack on the markers. We have started a lot of foul, no time to retreat 10 meters.
As a result, missed the first attempt after a crafty kick player Queensbury, and at the end of the first half we conceded another try after the break and a quick draw.

Queensbury player cheated of our markers, broke through the line and gave a pass to support their player, who put the effort in the center of the gate. So, at the break, we did not leave with a comfortable score of 12-16!

The second half was held in a tense and nervous game - a ball at one and the other team can not stay long because there were many losses and violations of rules.
As a result, we are for his relaxed almost paid - 8 minutes to finish the game Queensbury compares the account.

All at a loss. But we decided to hit the kick along the ground at 10 meters, and our player fights caught the ball, beat several players Queensbury, because the lines were not, and players sorted out the field.
And he flew into the center of the gate in the student's record-book.We are very fortunate, and we soon put two more attempts. True, and missed one. That was such a nervous ending.

After the game was a serious conversation with the coach, the final score 20-34!

Well, on Sunday 6 March, we attended a game Kastelford Tigers Super League - Hull KR.
Game was very entertaining - in the long run led one or the other team, but in the end the players were a little luckier Kastelforda in this day and won the match with a score of 27-14.

Aura of the stadium was just fantastic, the stadium huddled under the string - 8000 400 spectators!
Play Rugby League and teach English!