Sasha's Russian Diary Week 6

The fields havent been to cracking so far

The fields havent been to cracking so far

Hello! Happy Day of the Defenders of the Fatherland, and simply, with a man's day on February 23!

Last week we played the third round of the Cup Barla, where the contestants we've got a team Egremont (National Conference 2). They play in the same league as the East Leeds, who we beat last week.

We decided to look at the statistics between the teams of East Leeds and Egremont, and in the last full-time Egremont won the game 40-0! Egremont (Cumbria District) is located 4 hours drive from Sharlston. We talked all week that the game will be very heavy and tough, and players Egremont always big and tall, but here they laugh, they say that they have a lot of meat there, and almost everyone has their own farm with sheep!

At the game we woke up in a good mood, and looked out the window, found themselves, like in Russia - everything was white, a night snow fell, and we thought that the game will not happen.
But we phoned the administrator Jamie, and said that the game will take place in any weather, so the match is already nowhere to move, because it's already 6 games carried over. But mostly we were surprised by the enthusiasm with which local people came into the field to help to do the layout and remove the snow.
3 hours they are all preparing the field, so that the game took on a more or less decent lawn, for what they honor and praise!

As mentioned earlier, players Egremont - strong and high, but our team is not small. Andrew began playing at the wing and played the entire match, I came off the bench for 10 minutes before the end of the first half at midfield and played the position before the end of the match.
The game began with the advantage of Egremont, and in the opening meeting, we missed the attempt from the sale. The game is then leveled off a bit, the snow melted and turned the present swamp.
In the 20th minute penalty earned Egremont, who decided to beat on the gates, as were many losses, and successfully implemented it. The score was 0-8.

We have a lot of them stormed the line but could not succeed, loses the ball a yard away from the line, but in the last seconds we managed to put a try.
Our fulback played well in support of the player after the break the first line and flew into the student's record-book in the 10 meters at the side of the gate.
Having realized the attempt, we went to the break with a good chance for a second time!

We turned to the locker room, the second half had just perfect - simplified the game entirely, no extra passes, five attacks, the far-kicking, and the opponent was wrong in his own half of the field.
What we are fine and have used, zanesya 4 attempts, against a free kick in our doors. And again, in all its glory himself showed our center Garef, 3 attempts (15igr - 23 attempts).

And I want to note our loose forward Milesy that submitted debut effort after severe knee injury, because of which he missed a year of playing time. Defense in the second half we were just a wall - Egremont players could not do anything to oppose our protection. Final score 26/10!

And in the next round, we got more serious contender - Hull Dokers (National Conference Premier). The same one which is familiar to us Leigh Miners Rangers (Leigh Miners Rangers Vereya 64-12), our opponent on the Challenge Cup. Last year in the last game of Hull Dokers beat Lee Miners Rangers 20-16. The game will be held March 12 in Hull. And interestingly, Hull Dokers playing Cap Challenge March 6 and their rivals Leigh Centurions fell, rival Lokomotiv by Chelenzh Cap 2009 (Lee Centurion Locomotive 82-4).
These are the interesting details.

Well, on Sunday we went to the next game Featherstone Rovers in Northern Rail Cup to the city Barrow (Cumbria District). We were told the truth about Cumbria, there are lots of sheep. Having entered into this beautiful area, we are in the highlands, and over 70-80 miles on either side of the road were mountains, and on every meter of grazing sheep in the beautiful walled stone fence!
Arriving in Barrow, we immediately went to the stadium - before the game stayed an hour (it took up to Barrow 3 hours). Looking at the teams warm up the curb box, we went to the rostrum, with which the game looked like on the palm.

The game began with a slight advantage Barrow, who also raised his first attempt. But then, Featherstone Rovers, quickly caught himself, answered three.
At the end of the first inning, lined, and Barrow under the curtain of the first half otkvital one attempt, and the teams went to the break when the score was 12-18!
The second half turned out very entertaining and held in the double-edged struggle - the teams exchanged two attempts, which made the winner of the game Featherstone Rovers 22-28!

This week we have a lot of rugby - a Friday visit to Super League match between teams from Leeds Rinos - Harlikvins.
On Saturday at 2pm Sharlston is playing a match against a team from Halifax Irishev. Then at 6 pm at Featherstone going to the game Norzen Ryle Cup between teams Featherstone Rovers-Widnes Vikings (say probably, Widnes Vikings next year to replace someone in the Super League).
Well, on Sunday, a snack, we go to Wigan on the game, which will identify the strongest club in the world. Champion of England Wigan champion Australia takes St.George Ilavara Dragons!
All good luck, health, play Rugby League!