Sasha's Russian Diary Week 5

Hello! Last week, on Friday we went to have a familiar town Featherston on a match of the regular season among the Academy! Featherston Rovers Academy and Hull KR.

On the warmup was evident that the players Hull looked stronger players Featherston. At the beginning of the game Hull took advantage and scored two tries, but the players Featherston leveled the game.
And it so happened that the whole game was a catch-up, and just two missed attempts at the beginning of the meeting stopped the team Featherston from winning. The game ended 34-30 in favor of Hull KR. Age of players to 21goda Academies. After completion of the Academy players, do not fall into the first team, the costs of amateur teams, and they could, if manifest themselves, they may get offers from teams such as Chempionship1.

This Saturday we played the second round Cup Barla in Leeds against a local team East Leeds, playing in the league of the National Conference 2. We played the entire game in the first team - I'm on the stand off, Andrew at the wing positions. Finally, the weather was a success, it was sunny and the field was almost dry.

The first half was to our advantage, and ended with the score 14-0 in our favor. I managed to debut score attempt at the end of the first half! The second half began with two foolish attempts in our line, and the score was 12-14. After enduring a barrage of attacks on our line, we finally moved the game on the opponent's half of the field, and have dictated their own terms to finish the game 3 times. Final score 28/12 in our favor!

On Sunday we went to watch another match in the "Northern Rail Cup" between the teams Featherstone and York. The game was in the city of York. Our administrator Jamie decided to show us the city before the game. This is a very old city with beautiful buildings in the city center and with a great cathedral. Another attraction of the city of York - a wall that surrounds the city center. People can walk on it and admire the beauty of the city.

In the city we also met with Julia and her brother Cyril. She also traveled to York to show the city to visit her brother and the match. Walk around the city half an hour and a delicious dinner at a restaurant in town, we all went together to the stadium.

When we arrived at the stadium, the weather rapidly deteriorated. It started to rain and low wind. The first twenty minutes the game was equal, then Featherston have brought three attempts, and at the end of the first time players York responded with two attempts. At the break the team went with a score of 16.12. In the second half the game was also an equal, just that day was lucky more players to Featherston, and they won with a score of 32-22. Featherston team is one of the favorites to win the Cup. On it is spoken by all. Featherston won first place in last year's championship, "Championship".

At this match was 1,379 fans, and about half of them came from Featherston. After the game, we invited Julia and his brother and Jamie for dinner to our guests enjoy our own cooked ravioli, which turned out to fame. That's how slowly we are here cooking!

Play Rugby League!