Sashas Russian Diary Week 3/4

The guys with Robbie Paul

The guys with Robbie Paul

Week 3
Last week, we did not play - because of weather conditions, the game moved at night hit the frost -6, and the field was tough. Therefore, the report we did not write, as nothing special, except for training on the week was not. We went to watch Castleford vs Hull FC in a pre-season game at Jungle stadium.

Week 4
Last week was very busy - we train a lot, went to Huddersfield, watched the game Championship (the league below Super League) and played the President's Cup semi-final UNISON!

Wednesday 2nd February
Let's start from the beginning. On Wednesday we decided to go to the town of Huddersfield, where the history of Rugby League started in 1895, and visit the beautiful stadium team Super League Huddersfild Giants.

Arriving at the station, we decided to go through familiar to us all of the hotel where we were occupied before the game Challenge Cup, and that led to the Rugby League in England.

Once inside, feel a little nostalgic, as we have been here before, we went to the stadium. No one gets anything without asking, we went to reception and ask the employee, can we take a short tour of the stadium.

We told her that we have players from Russia, playing in the English amateur club, and it is very interesting. The stadium is modern but this time there were some some technical work, and we only spent on the field and allowed to make a few photos.

That same evening we went to see the team training semi Featherston Rovers. But for some reason it was cancelled. The reseveres were doing test in gymnasium. They pass the 5 tests in the offseason at the beginning of each month. This squat, bench press, push rods on his chest, pulling the maximum number of times and vertical jump height. Each delivers on its weight.

Thursday 3rd February
On Thursday, we practiced one hour in the hall and an hour on the field, where we worked through the attack and defense ready for our game on Saturday.

Friday 4th February
On Friday we went to watch the game at Featherstone. The Northern Rail Cup between teams Chempionship Featherston Rovers and a team of Chempionship a Doncaster. Before the game we had meal with UNISON Linda and Dave.

Game of the Featherston was a very fast and they are easily achieved victory 50 to 10!

Saturday 5th February
And then came the long-awaited Saturday, and our third game, to which we are well prepared for the week.

We went into the starting lineup and played the entire game - I'm in position number 6, and Andrey played a wing then the center!
Weather we are once again not pleased - all night pouring rain, and the field was very dirty, there were many dropped balls and what that combination can be forgotten. The game turned out very entertaining, tight and nervous.

In the early games, we have earned a lot of penalties and then scored 3 tries and went to the break with a score of 16/08 in our favor.
The second half began the same way as the first.
We settled on their half of the ground due to losses and penalties than opponent and took advantage.
We kept on our toes and too spectators and players almost to the end game.

Note magnificent game of our central player Gareth, which are included in this game 3 times, bringing the score to 26-14. But at the end of the last seconds we missed a decisive try, and the final score 26-20 in our favor.

And now we have the UNISON President's Cup finals in a stadium Super League Wakefield Wild Cats!

Sunday 6th February
Well, yesterday we went to watch another game Northern Rail Cup between teams Championship Batley Bulldogs and Leigh Centurions. The game attracted a full stadium.
Leigh Centurions have legendary player of the New-Zealand and a former player of the club Bradford Bulls, in which he played 12 seasons (1994-2006) 35-year-old Robbie Paul.

The match took place at a good speed, which was won by players Centurion 4-26, and Robbie Paul raised his last attempt. After the game our manager Jamie asked Robbie to do a couple of photos, which he gladly did.

Thus ended our next week on English soil.

Play Rugby League! Alexander Lysokon