Sashas Russian Diary - Arrival and Week 1

Sponsor Balkan Grill, Wakefield

Sponsor Balkan Grill, Wakefield


Friday 7th January 2011
Our trip to England began with the Sheremetyevo airport, where we have successfully passed the passport control and took off for Amsterdam. There we have made change to Manchester. In Manchester we met Julia Bennison. She drove us to the Wakefield, and introduced to the team manager Jimmy. Jimmy gave us a tour of the club house and showed us to our apartment.

Saturday 8th January 2011
The next day, we have been training with the first team in the gym. Training was interesting with the elements of boxing, running exercises and classes with a barbell. After training we went to watch the game the second team Sharlston Rovers, who plays the two divisions below. They played in the day a draw 12/12. After the game, according to British tradition, they all went to the club pub for third time. There, we become more familiar with the players in the team, and Charlie with Lindy from Unison, who sponsor our stay in England.

Sunday 9th January 2011
Sunday we were invited to a friendly game of the local team in the neighboring town of Featherstone Rovers, who plays the division below Super League. The game was very interesting and entertaining, and if filled the stadium holds about 3000 people. We invited to eat with sponsors UNISON before the game where we had roast beef.


Monday 10th January 2011
In the evening we went to the local supermarket to buy weekly food for apartment. We also had our photos done for rugby register cards and bus ticket.

Tuesday 11th January 2011
In England we train with the team on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 18-00 to 20-30. On the field of training starts with a workout with balls, where attention is paid to control the ball. Then gradually move on bilateral defense and attack, where the trainer explains in detail how to do tackles and two of three. In training all the players treat us with great respect, and always suggest to us that if we do not understand something. In addition to basic training, we have an opportunity every day to attend a gym, swimming pool and playground.

After training we went to Balkan Grill near Wakefield stadium for our dinner and the food was very tasty. We had spicy soup and then chicken and pork gyros with potatoes. There was a lot of food and we couldnt eat it all but we took it back to our apartment for later.

Wednesday 12th January 2011
In the evening we trained with Featherstone Lions in the next village to Sharlston. Our coach Gordy trains this team in the summer so we again trained. After training at Sharlston clubhouse we watched the darts team and enjoyed food cooked for us.

Thursday 13th January 2011
Training in the evening for preparation for game on Saturday, after training for 30 mins we split into first and second team to go through game plan. Both me and Andrey will play with the first team on Saturday.

Friday 14th January 2011
Leeds visit.

Saturday 15th January 2011
The day of our first game whilst in England and we travelled with the first team to play Slaithwaite, not far from Huddersfield. The weather was terrible, strong wind was blowing and snowing with rain. The field was now a swamp. Andrey went to the starting lineup for on the wing and played the entire game. I Sashacame off the bench in the 30th minute of the first half, at the position of 3 / 4 and finished the rest of the match. The game was very tough, and combinations virtually not there, all trying to play individually, because the ball was very slippery and there were many casualties. We won the day 12-18. The first half we played with the wind and led 18-0. Attempts were all labor and placed them forwards. We played not bad, did not lose a single ball and no one missed tackles. After the game, the coach and the players have praised us.
Then was the third time. The way back home was very funny - in the tradition of the club, all players who have had the first game of the season, to perform any song. We sang a song Bremen musicians. After execution by us of this song, the whole bus applauded us. Then they began to sing all the bus their national songs. It was fun!

Sunday 16th January 2011
January 16, we went to watch the Challenge cup game Loughborough University vs Featherstone Lions. We travelled with the team on a bus, the game ended 38-0 in favor of the University!! We really liked the game the student team. All players of this team is very fast, physically well prepared, with a different culture pass. We were told that this team is practicing 6 days a week for three hours a day. We think that this command should be all Russian clubs! . So was our week at home rugby.
We will try to write after each of the last week.